Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two more relocation thoughts

Clarity comes in the shower so often, and here are a couple NHL relocation thoughts that popped up as I pondered how lousy my playoff/3 weeks left of school beard looks...
  1. Is anyone really surprised that the Atlanta relocation talk waited to get into full swing until after Gary Bettman and the NHL consummated their 10 year, $2 billion television contract with Comcast/NBC?  I mean, that contract wouldn't be worth any less without America's 8th largest media market...right?  
  2. Can anyone tell me with a straight face that the leak from the "NHL source" that the Columbus Blue Jackets lost $25 million last year was not  a calculated opening gambit to preempt any talk of Detroit or Nashville jumping ahead of the Blue Jackets in the line to bail out of the grueling Western Conference?   Remember, this is the same team that is so airtight that it kept a freaking third jersey (and an unfortunate mascot) under wraps all the way until its unveiling.  Nothing comes out of Nationwide Boulevard that the Blue Jackets don't want out...period.  
Enjoy your rainy Tuesday, everyone!

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