Saturday, May 28, 2011

Malhotra Cleared to Play

Former Blue Jacket Manny Malhotra may get a chance to
play in the Stanley Cup Finals after all.
Puck Daddy is reporting that Manny Malhotra of the Vancouver Canucks has been cleared to play in the Stanley Cup Finals following recovery from a serious eye injury.

I'm not sure what all this means, but it must be very exciting for Manny.

We here at the Dark Blue Jacket wish him all the luck moving forward in his career.


  1. Thank you for making the initial post, Gallos...I added the Manny photo and see that you lost your byline. Apologies...I just was so excited for Manny that I wanted to add a little color to the blog post!

  2. I was rooting for the Sharks, but with Manny back I'll be rooting much harder for the Canucks.
    He may be cleared to play, but will Vancouver activate him? Can he get in game shape by Weds? This is great news for a classy guy, and an important part of the team. Faceoffs and PKs.

  3. Ha, ha, no problem DBJ! Thanks for the pic!


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