Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Congrats, Tom Reed!

Word is on the street that the Dispatch's Tom Reed has been picked up by the Cleveland Plain-Dealer for the Cleveland Cavaliers beat.  While I can't let this moment go without reminding poor Tom that he's going to Cleveland, and to cover a team that's locked out for the foreseeable future and one that plays basketball at that, I am genuinely pleased for him.  Seriously, put the playful snark aside.  I really am happy for Tom.

In the years that I've been a Columbus Blue Jackets fan, Tom Reed has emerged as my go-to writer at the Dispatch for some terrific coverage of the team, its minor league system and the many personalities behind all of it.  Reed's been the (apparently) number two Blue Jackets writer at the Dispatch, not to mention an (apparent) backup writer for the Columbus Crew MLS beat.  How to put it best?  Reed writes damned good copy.

Beyond that, Tom's been a terrific Twitter acquaintance.  Can't ask for more.  Gonna miss that.  Which is saying something as I've never met the man in person.

So now he's on to the "bigs" - to be on a major league sports beat at a top American newspaper.  Columbus' loss is Cleveland's gain.  

Good fortune to you, Tom Reed...if you're in town on Sunday, swing by CannonFest and I'll buy you a beer.

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