Thursday, August 11, 2011

Help Hockey Beat Down cancer...and win!

Permit me to offer a quick apology/explanation: I've been on vacation for the past 7 days, returning to Ohio late yesterday afternoon.  So - yeah - I had about four blog posts in the can and simply scheduled their release while I was having fun in the sun.  (The Tom Reed tribute was written after I got home, though.)  Thus, it's very safe to accuse me of mailing it in, because...well...I was.

But I'm back now, and we're three days away from CannonFest!  Like all great events where things come together in the closing hours, we've had a couple developments that deserve mention.  You know, for the three DBJ readers who are still on the fence about joining in the fun on Sunday.

The first big development is that the Jacket Backers' raffle of nifty stuff related to the Columbus Blue Jackets will be going to support Hockey Beats Down, a local effort to fight cancer.  What a terrific cause, and I'm excited that CannonFest is aligned in this way.

Lastly, the raffle itself.  Greg May has been working overtime to procure a couple outstanding raffle items that might interest everyone.  Here's one...

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