Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wiz...was coached?

Follow the bouncing Twitter ball...

Yesterday: @treeddispatch #CBJ defenseman James Wisniewski will throw out the first pitch at Tuesday night's Reds game. He also will shag some fly balls.

Today, roughly 2PM: @aportzline Fox Sports Ohio's Jim Day, who used to work on #CBJ TV broadcast team, will have #CBJ D James Wisniewski in booth tonight, top of the 3rd.

Eh?  Jim Day?  Conducting a hockey interview once again?  Hmmmmm.....

Time to get to work.

Minutes later: @darkbluejacket @jameswisniewski Make sure James wraps up the interview with "Thank you Jim Day."

An hour later: @akaelvis Some one needs to remind James Wisniewski to say "Thank you Jim Day" at the end of the interview tonight. #CBJ

Four hours later: @akaelvis Please tell me somebody told James Wisniewski to tell Jim Day "Thank you Jim Day" after the 3rd inning interview. #CBj

"Which of you guys is Jim Day?"
Tonight, the deluge began once the interview ended...
  • @rickgethin "Thanks Jim Day" says the Wiz. #CBJ Classic
  • @adam33 HAHAHA WIZ just brought back the "Thanks Jim Day" He may be my favorite #CBJ player now...
  • @derdrache HAHAHAHAHHAHA!! @jameswisniewski just dropped a "Thanks Jim Day." It's official, Wiz is my next #CBJ jersey.
  • @David_S14 Wiz pulls the "Thanks Jim Day"...I think im gonna like this guy. #CBJ
  • @ChancellorHill "Thank you Jim Day" -Wisniewski is bringing it back! #CBJ
  • @RileyFields @TReedDispatch Nice hearing Jim Day talk CBJ with Wisniewski on Reds broadcast tonight. Wiz even dropped a "Thanks, Jim Day" on him!
Just my humble opinion, but Wiz is awesome for playing along...presuming that he got his coaching from the CBJ peeps on Twitter.  What a great character we've got on our hands.  I'm not a guy to buy player sweaters...but you can sure bet that I'm going to buy a Wiz t-shirt.

Should the interview pop up online, rest assured that I'll link or, better yet, embed it.  

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