Monday, September 5, 2011

The Detroit Red Wings are descending into Hell

Why stop at "almost as prominently"?
Don't ask me why...ask one of their fan blogs:
The Red Wings have signed a contract with Amway, the Ada, Mich. based pyramid scheme, to let this company become the Red Wings’ “presenting sponsor”. That includes having Amway plastered all over every possible surface, right down to (in the words of the official team press release) “the Amway logo seen almost as prominently as the Winged Wheel in all team advertising, branding and marketing materials.” 
Truly disgusting. In every sense of the word, this is a shot at the Red Wings’ fanbase. If you’re reading this, and care about the Red Wings, you should be outraged. If you don’t care about the Red Wings but still root for another team, you too should be outraged. Or if you merely care about morality in business, and where to draw the proverbial line, you must care about this story. 
Allowing Amway, a pyramid scheme that preys upon the downtrodden and desperate, to graft themselves onto the Detroit Red Wings is astoundingly irresponsible.
As a hockey fan, I'm honestly not thrilled with the precedent that this sets.  As a Columbus Blue Jackets fan...I'm sorry, this is too rich.

"And now, here are YOUR Detroit Red Wings
...presented by AMWAY!"


  1. As much as I hate Wings fans, I've always had respect for the franchise and the way they've operated. No longer, this would seem to be too ridiculous to appear in The Onion!

  2. No, no, no, Pete. It's not "Wings fans" anymore. It's "Wings Presented By Amway fans". ;)


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