Monday, September 26, 2011

"Wiz needs to be a leader not a thug."

So says one of my very insightful (and less wordy) Twitter followers.  I don't disagree.

Here's Brendan Shanahan laying the lumber to Wiz.

8 regular season games at $7 million over 82 games equals $682,926 (corrected per $536,585.36, or a proportional amount of his $5.5 million cap hit) of lost income for Wiz.

My disappointment continues unabated. Wisniewski MUST play smarter. The team's success depends on it.


  1. Per Capgeek's FAQ - - the formula is

    [ Cap Hit - Performance Bonuses ] / [ Games in Season ] * [ Number of Games Suspended ]

    (5,000,000 / 82)*8= 487,804.878

    Your mistake was using salary instead of cap hit. This way a suspension costs the same at the start and end of a front-loaded contract.

  2. DBJ -
    I agree, and I disagree.

    But first and foremost, I applaud Brendan Shanahan. Shanny is telling the story of why he is doing what he is doing, and thus allowing everyone to figure it out on their own. If you want to stay out of Shanny's dog house, he'll tell you how. Well done NHL. Well done Shanny.

    I agree that it is a disappointment, and that we need Wiz on the ice.

    But I also think this sends a message that the days of running CBJ players are coming to a close. Wiz shouldn't target the head. So Shanny sends a clear message.

    I caused a minor furor on this site objecting to Shea Weber staying on the ice and cross checking Tyutin as time expired because he didn't like a hit R.J. Umberger put on him. I would have liked to see what Shanny thought of that play. But as much as I objected to it, and as unveiled was my disdain for the play, (and the virulent reaction of both Preds and CBJ fans to my approach) the bottom line was no one was hurt, and it really wasn't that dangerous of a play on Weber's part.

    But would Weber feel free to do that on Wiz's watch? What will Shanny do the next time Pronger stomps on someone's leg? At least there is some doubt in other player's heads. And the suspension, while costly, does leave that Progneresque element of doubt for other teams.

    This is a costly first for the CBJ. Judging by the way Winnipeg (@ Winnipeg), then Minnesota, then Washington all tried to punch the CBJ out of the game, it may have been a necessary evil.

    So bravo Shanny for saying why you did what you did. The players can learn from that.

  3. Gallos,

    Again, a wise comment. What makes me nervous is a reflection on your Definitive History - where you suggested that the CBJ loaded up for the clutch-n-grab era just as the rules were changed.

    Have the Blue Jackets spent $33 million over how many years for a top-pairing player who won't be able to play effectively in the Shanahan Era?

    Just a thought.

  4. ten percent of the season for a hit that didn't warrant even a major penalty is excessive to me. My hope now is that if this type of hit occurs TO a Jackets player will the response be as harsh to that offender. If not, the liberties will continue to be taken and there will be no protection available because of the "repeat offender' designation. What would be next, 25 games for a boarding call deemed above the shoulders????


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