Thursday, September 8, 2011

Promotional shilling

In case you didn't notice, the DBJ blog has built a couple strategic promotional partnerships with and  Doing so allows this blog to do a couple of things:
These folks recognize the value of sporting their NHL colors.  Except for
the guy on the left.  But he skipped town.  (And what in the world would
possess someone to buy that O-for-OOOgly Colorado third?
  1. Provide you with access to the best and most thorough online collections of Columbus Blue Jackets gear that I can find.  Combine those two with the DBJ Shop from Amazon, and you've pretty much covered the landscape through one blog portal.  And by all means, do not overlook the Fan Shop's CBJ section.  They have some great items that I've never seen anywhere else. And their overall sporting goods selection is mighty fine, too.
  2. Give you access to special promotions of interest to you as NHL, CBJ and hockey fans. As I'm typing this, note the right-hand column has a little promotions section with a Labor Day sale at and a deep discount at on inline skates - not to mention the overall shopping discount at  Note that these are short-term promotions, so get 'em while they're hot.
  3. Perhaps, if you find that you like what you see and the prices are right, offer a little residual income to the proprietor of this blog, who has been known to buy hockey sweaters and spend too much on parking at CBJ games.  Oh yeah, and maybe buy a cup of coffee for Gallos, whose work raises the quality level on this blog far beyond what I could offer alone.  
The and links cover the entire scope of those online stores.  Thus, anything you pick up at those stores becomes a means of helping support this little corner of the blogosphere.  

Thanks for your readership, and for your support.  This blog would be nothing without all of you.

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