Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bob Says Nyet (a kinda-sorta advertisement)

Before the season, this guy out of Philadelphia wrote me to congratulate me (and, presumably, my favorite hockey team as I really had nothing to do with it) on bringing goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky to Central Ohio.  He then offered to sell me his unsold inventory of Bobrovsky fan shirts.  I'm not into running an merchandise shop out of my pantry closet, so I passed.  Plus, I wasn't sold that Bobrovsky was going to unseat Steve Mason in net.

Get your gear to honor Columbus' First Czar!
But time passed as well, and Bob wound up being something special in Columbus.  Now I felt bad, not for me as I still don't want a bunch of unsold T-shirts and hoodies in a box under my bed but rather for the Columbus fans who have been deprived this nifty looking shirt.  I suppose I also felt a tad stupid for not jumping on the bandwagon earlier.  Thus, I wrote the gentleman back and offered to give him a blog post to hawk his wares.

Here's what he told me to print:
Show your love for Jackets goalie Sergei Bobrovsky with the Bob Says Nyet tee shirt. Printed on high quality American Apparel tees and 100% cotton Gildan hoodies, this design was featured in ESPN the Magazine and was originally created by Philly Phaithful as a tribute to the athletic Russian netminder in 2010. After Bob moved West, Philly Phaithful heavily discounted their remaining inventory and is happy to offer the design to DBJ readers at a low price of $12.99 for the tees and $14.99 for the hoodies; all with free, fast shipping. 
Availability is incredibly limited, so get 'em before they're gone. Philly's loss is Columbus' gain. Grab your Bob Says Nyet shirt today! 
Note that these are in clearance, and some sizes simply aren't available any more.  But the design is cool, and  Bobrovsky fans now have another outlet to show their admiration.  And no, I'm not making a dime off of this.  I'm not even getting a free T, which is for the best as my size is out of stock.

Enjoy the shirts, everyone.  Have at it!


  1. shoot out of my size also....guess ill get one for the sister in law

  2. Haha awesome, and by awesome I mean Bobrovsky IS AWESOME!

    GREAT game tonight! The Jackets worked really hard and earned 2 big points.

    This is shaping up! As long as they don't burn themselves out they've got a chance. They need to keep their cool and not overwork if anything. Tonight against the Ducks they worked really hard - so hard at times it looked like they might move into burn-out territory. Even young guys need to watch out for that. I hope that keep that in mind. Stay cool with the puck. Pass smart, move smoothly and quickly with the puck, avoid checks, play smart, play hard but don't blow all the energy too quickly.

    Watched the OT tonight with intensity... couldn't help but scream with the Tyutin goal. THE JACKETS ARE A CLASS ACT FOLKS - A CLASS ACT!!

    Time for a meeting with L.A. I'll be watching that one with huge intensity.

    The clock is ticking and the Jackets aren't sitting back and watching it!


    Joe in Vancouver

  3. I just wanted to put in a good word for them. I followed your link and ordered a shirt earlier today. Can't go wrong for 13 shirts or 15 dollar goodies. They didn't have my first choice so left a note to see if any were laying around (turns out they didn't) and in shipping note I said if I got it in time for the Nashville game id be pumped. They replied quickly and seem like a great bunch of people.

    "Hi Joey,

    Thanks for placing an order with us today, we greatly appreciate your support of Philly Phaithful.

    As you indicated in your email, unfortunately we don't have larges left in stock in the Bob Says Nyet tee. Since he left the Flyers in the summer, we've simply been selling our remaining inventory and have sold out in almost every size. I looked around our shop but I don't have any larges floating around.

    I'll get the shirt shipped out today and you should receive it shortly. Hope the Jackets can pull it off and remain in the playoff spot, we're rooting for you over here."


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