Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Time to Bring the Thunder

Sergei Bobrovsky by @PREDSmyth, stick tap to @RedditCBJ for
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Saturday the most recent crop of BlueJackets fans will get a unique opportunity in Nationwide Arena.  In all likelihood you have heard some of the older, core group of fans speak longingly of Game 4 of the 2008-09 playoffs, of the thunderous noise in Nationwide Arena, and the unbelievable experience that the game was.  Blah, blah, blah, yawn, 'Yeah but I wasn't there so it doesn't mean that much to me'.  This is your chance to experience that atmosphere folks.  However, there are some important differences between Saturday's game and Game 4.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that Game 4 was a lost cause.  Yeah, maybe we would win a game, but the Redwings were going to win that series.  There wasn't any doubt there.  Tomorrow's game could not hold a greater contrast.  The game on Saturday is all about winning.  It is a win or go home game, and there is no chance of making the playoffs if we don't win.  We may be disappointed in the end, but we must win tomorrow.  It is time to sell out folks, it's now or never.

I went to that Game 4 of the 2008-09 playoffs with a firm resolve not to be cheated.  No matter how the game turned out, I was going to let it all out for the CBJ.  Saturday's game is not about fearing that you may be cheated.  Saturday's game is about a huge, monstrous celebration of what the 2012-13 team has accomplished.  But, there is business at hand as well, and a hockey game to be won.  So a few things to consider before you go to the game.

1. There is nothing that you might want to use your voice for on Sunday that is more important than this game.  The last home game was nice and loud.  About average for a pre-Arniel crowd.  We are looking for another order of magnitude.  You don't need that voice on Sunday.  Send a text message.

2. One of the striking things about the Game 4 experience was that the team quickly fell behind by two goals, but the crowd just got louder.  We MUST have this on Saturday!!  If the Preds should score a goal, we need to take the noise to another level. Trust me, the team will respond to it.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  We need to be a loud, raucous, tough crowd tomorrow.

3. Enjoy this with every fiber of your being.  Saturday's game is a gift from the players and coaches, wrought with hard work and faith.  A playoff showdown that will go down to the wire.  As a fan, you can't really ask for more. Get loud!  Get rowdy!  But carry a sense of joy with you as you do so (thanks Claude).  This is the good stuff, a time to be enjoyed.

This is playoff hockey.  It is time for the thunder to return to Nationwide Arena.  It's up to the fans to bring it.



  1. I'll be screaming from my house in Vancouver. My wife has joined me in my admiration of the Blue Jackets so she will join me.

    Make it happen!

    Joe in Vancouver

  2. Let's go Jackets! It seemed like this game would never come!

  3. If I can't get green seat tickets I'll be at the bar cheering instead. The playoff game was the most fun event I've ever been to so tonight should be amazing!!!


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