Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Dubinsky Time

Brandon Dubinsky
As I reflect on tonight's upcoming, critical tilt against the Avalanche in the Pepsi Center, Brandon Dubinsky sticks out to me as one of the players who will need to make a huge contribution.  With Anisimov on the shelf indefinitely (eat my shorts Yeo, the refs got the call right.  The responsibility is on the player to protect the other player, your guy failed in that responsibility) due to a hit to the head, Dubinsky's role is magnified.  Much as we saw in the Minnesota game, we need Dubinsky to be big tonight.  After something of a star crossed season this year, with knee injuries, a slow start, and illness, this is Dubinsky's opportunity to really put a stamp on his contribution to the team.  I think he will do it.

I worry about Colorado.  We have not handled their speed well.  We need to make sure we play our game of clogging the neutral zone and playing good defense, and not get into a track meet with them.  And naturally, Bobrovsky needs to continue his assault on the Vezina trophy.  Only six games left.  Crazy things can happen.  This team just needs to keep winning.

Brandon Dubinsky, this is your time!


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    Are you guys gonna get into the playoffs or not?

    Giving up is not an option!

    - Joe in Vancouver


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