Thursday, October 17, 2013

So DBJ watched a little of CBJ Game 6: Montreal

Montreal 5 - Columbus 3
2-4-0, 4th in Metropolitan Division, 10th in the Eastern Conference
The Columbus Blue Jackets took their road trip up to the Great White North and gave the game away to the host Montreal Canadiens, 5-3, in regulation at the Bell Centre.

Rookie Boone Jenner grabbed two power play goals, and contract year center Ryan Johansen had a goal and an assist.  But Sergei Bobrovsky stopped only 31 of 35 shots, so the kids' effort was for nought.

I'm especially troubled that it was the likes of Jenner, Johansen and Atkinson that were dragging along the likes of Umberger and Anisimov.  Where's the veteran leadership beyond the now-obligatory "We didn't do well enough" from Brandon Dubinsky?

If this doesn't turn around soon, I won't blame Richards for reverting to last seasons's "kitchen sink" defensive scheme and a zillion overtime/shootout games.  Because as it stands, things ain't working.

Here's your haiku:

The kids have to lead
Losing games that could be won
Where are the points, guys?


  1. We're you watching the same game I was? I ask because the game I saw, the Jackets looked lost for the first ten minutes or so, then battled like warriors the rest of the way. Not a great CBJ game, but a good one and they were in it right until the last couple of minutes or so.

    1. Time constraints led me to skip the whole moral victory part of the recap. Sure, there may have been a positive or two outside of Jenner and Johansen...but the point remains, they could have won but didn't. The kids also appear to be the ones driving the train, and I am baffled by that.

      4 standings points after 6 games doesn't exactly inspire one to pen tales of the fight. These guys need to start winning, or the season's going to slip away.

      Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh are all over 10 points. They're piling up early season points, and the Blue Jackets aren't.

  2. A lot of people are blasting umby, but IMO he has been much improved the last couple of games. Something like 6 shots tonight. Arty, wiz, tyutin, nikitin on the other hand...

  3. Ugh, this team is becoming frustrating to watch. One night, we can't score. The next night...well we still can't score. Ok, TWO games later, we finally put up goals and our goalie craps his pants after the defense sucks it up.

    It's not panic time, certainly, just six games in, but these stinking one-goal losses (and they've all been essentially one goal losses - the 2-goal losses have been by empty-netters at the end) need to start getting to OT at least. As Dubi put it, "zero ******* points." Bottom line.

    Our "veteran" defensemen are atrocious right now. I'd rather see Prout and Erixon in for JJ, Wiz, or Tyutin. The three-highest paid guys on the blue line are the ones that can't seem to send or accept a pass, you know...basic hockey moves. They're not moving their feed well and often get caught pinching in offensively. Seriously, give me Prout, Savard, Erixon, Murray over all of those guys. They are beyond awful right now and turning it over every possession it seems. (Also, thanks FSO for trying to call out the "young guys" has having to turn it over less, clearly showing that either a) you're not paying attention or b) you're afraid to call out the "vets." Pathetic.)

    It's time to start calling out Bob, too. Sit him Saturday. 4 goals against Calgary opening night. At least three other softies since then. The defense is awful yes, but he's allowing inexplicable goals (50+ feet of open ice and he whiffs?? come on Bob).

    They've put together one, just ONE full 60 minutes, and that hardly counts because it was Buffalo. I can't blame fans right now for being upset because that March/April effort and play we saw last year has been nonexistent so far this season.

  4. Actually, Goalie Bob stopped 31 of 34, the last being an open-netter. No he didn't look sharp, but he is still putting us in a position to win. Just not enough for an anemic offense.

    And, I believe Dubinsky's actual quote was much more.... colorful. He is not just accepting it, he is very angry. This team will not go quietly into that dark night of defeat; they will battle back and fight. They have been competitive in every game right to the final horn. I was ready to throw in the towel when Montreal scored their third goal, but the Jackets were not.

    They are getting closer. Jenner & Joey scoring = another brick is laid.

  5. I felt Um by was OK last night, not consistent but with effort. Arty, on the other hand, is still struggling to put two good shifts back to back, and Jack had a weak game. Toots wasn't brutal, but looked less capable than Murray last night, I thought. Wiz, my friends, is Wiz - inconsistent in his own zone. He has always been that way. The game was frustrating... Because they played so well for much if it. Even when they got caught chasing the puck, they looked vigorous and dangerous. The mistakes, mostly from veterans, killed us.

  6. We know where one veteran leader (Vinny) isn't.


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