Saturday, October 5, 2013

East Hatred: New York Islanders

Here we go!

We're finally in the East, and as promised in my first post, I'll try to get us Eastern Conference n00bs primed for hating a whole new slate of teams.

Since the NHL Schedule Gods opened us with the familiar Calgary Flames, we have to wait until game two to get to hating one of our new Metropolitan Division brethren: The New York Islanders.

OK, let's be honest, what is there to hate about the Islanders? That logo? Their four Cups? They won those back in the early 80s, those are historical now, not annoying. All those years chanting "Nineteen Forty!" at the Rangers? Hell no, that was AWESOME. (And sadly came to an end in 1995.)

Their owner? Their GM? Um, no...they've been more comic relief than anything else. Even through the MacLean and Howson debacles here, when Jacket Fan had to defend themselves, they could always come back with, "Yeah, sure...but did you see what Wang/Milbury/Snow did with the Islanders?!? Can you believe it??"

It is certainly not because they beat up on the Jackets over the years. We didn't lose to the Isles until December 23, 2006, our 8th meeting with them. Overall the Jackets are 9-4-1 against the Islanders and have lost to them in regulation since...wait for it...December 23, 2006. (If you're scoring at home, the Jackets have gotten a point out of every game against the Islanders in franchise history except for that one sad day on December 23, 2006.)

So, historically speaking, it's really, REALLY hard to hate this team. They've been so nice to us since we came into the league. I have a feeling truly hating the Islanders is going to take some time, and a few more losses to them. Maybe a playoff series against them. Though if the Jackets and Islanders are in the playoffs in the same year, it may be akin to crossing the streams.

I don't know if those losses will start with tonight's game, but the chances are there. First off, we'll play them a lot more now. Secondly, they're on the rise just like your beloved Blue Jackets. The Islanders got into the playoffs last year with 55 points...

Wait, wait, wait...they got IN with 55 points? We missed out with 55 points! OK, we have a slight glimmer of a reason to be marginally perturbed with the Islanders.


These guys play an exciting game. They skate hard, they skate fast, and they come at you in waves. It's not always defensively responsible, but it is fun to watch. Their first round with the Pens last year was some of the best hockey of the playoffs. They just kept coming. Over. And over. And over. It was great to watch.

So we open our Eastern Conference play against a team that I'm not sure any of us can really hate at this point. Guess we'll have to let this one simmer for a while and see if we can work something up.

Seriously, can ANYBODY share a reason to outright despise the Islanders?


  1. First of all the 1940 chants ended in 1994 when all of Madison Square Garden started chanting it as the Rangers passes around the Stanley Cup in the ice. But to answer your question, the fact that so many on the roster were beloved Rangers makes you have to hate the Islanders. I'm sure once CBJ plays the Islanders a few more times and you begin to realize how obnoxious their fans can be you will rewrite this post.

    I only started to watch the Blue Jackets when Dubi and Artie were traded to the team. This team has won my heart and as long as they are not playing the Rangers I will be routing for them. I would hate to align myself with a team that would like my enemy!

    1. For my 1995 math...the Rangers won the Cup in 1994. In the fall of 1994 the NHL Owners held their first (of many) lockouts. The season started in late January of '95. I was going for "when was the first time Islanders fans couldn't rub it in Rangers fans' faces," which lead me to 1995.

      I'm sure after we play more games against every Eastern conference team I'll want to rewrite many of these posts.

  2. ^^ Everything this dude said.

    Islanders fans are gross to look at.

  3. Well, losing to us, they didn't instill any more hate than before.


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