Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The CBJ Captaincy Conjecture Pool is open!

The Blue Jackets haven't named a captain since Rick Nash forced his way out of town, and much has been made of who it should be.

I liked Vinny Prospal for captain and, should the Blue Jackets sign him, suggest that whomever is wearing the "C" personally tears it off his own chest and mans the sewing machine to apply it to Vinny's sweater.  Yes, I think Vinny Prospal was that transcendent of a figure in CBJ history and will be proven so over time.  But I digress.

Brandon Dubinsky takes the opening night faceoff.
Because I think the team is just waiting for the right time to give him the "C".
Let's have some fun with this whole captaincy thing.  Everyone offers a comment with their prediction on two things: 1) The person who will be named captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and 2) The date that said person will be anointed.  

Here's my best guess: It will be Brandon Dubinsky, and it will be on November 7 or March 21, the dates of the Blue Jackets' home games against Dubinsky's former team, the New York Rangers.  If forced to choose one of the two dates, I'd go with November 7.

Dubinsky is by far the most outcomes-focused postgame interview on the team from my perspective, and the "win or you're a loser" attitude is something that hopefully the Blue Jackets management and coaches realize is desperately needed from their top player-leader in order to crush the old CBJ "we lost but played real hard, guys" attitude like a bug.  He also appears to play the rough and tumble type of game that management is hyping as the character of this team, filled with nets being crashed, fists being thrown and snarls on faces all around.  Never mind that President of Hockey Operations has publicly lauded the competitive attitude that all the former New York Rangers have brought to the Blue Jackets.

So that's my take: Brandon Dubinsky, November 7.

And Rick Nash will have to sit there and watch.


  1. JD said at one point last season that the team would name a captain when it was so clear, so obvious that actually naming him was a formality. This is a long-term appointment with a focus on the ultimate goal. Look at the post-game comments from other players after last night and the game as an example of the overall tone. Dubinsky is the obvious choice. He was called the leader the team looks to, and he showed it last night and all along. As to when, November 7 is good as any time.

    The real question is will Nash be there to see it? I take no happiness in his current injury situation.

    1. Truth be told, Howye, Nash's apparent concussion didn't even enter my mind when I wrote this piece. I don't wish injury upon him - nor do I against any other person - but that's as far as I go with him.

      Vinny and Dubinsky...they're the anti-Nashes. Leaders by force of personality and not by demonstration of skill. I greatly appreciate that fact and think it's something the team needs to cement into its culture.

  2. I also believe Dubinsky will be named captain. As for the date.....I'm thinking Thursday Oct 31st around 11am.

  3. Dubi. February 24th. Just a random date...coming out of the Olympic break for (hopefully) the stretch run.

    Hard to name JJ your captain when he's been among the league's worst in +/- this early season...and much of that was on him. He'll be an A, probably along with Tyutin (other consideration to Umberger, Wiz, Letestu, Boll, and D Mac).

    1. Good point on 2/24. Would be a nice jolt coming out of the break.

    2. A captain will not be named until Horton returns. I believe the organization is waiting to see what Horton brings to the team thus my gut says the next captain for CBJ will be Nathan Horton.

    3. I thought about Nathan Horton as well. If Nov 7th comes and goes without a Captain, then I believe they really want Horton to wear the 'C'. Notice how involved he has been in off the ice activities.


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