Monday, April 21, 2014

Game Three: Pens Push Back

Tonight the Columbus Blue Jackets fell to the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-3 in Nationwide Arena in front of a jazzed up home crowd.  The Jackets jumped the Penguins early, but failed to put them away, and slowly but inexorably the Penguins turned the tide, before putting it away in the third period.

Take aways from this game are that the Penguins played Blue Jackets hockey from midway through the second period through the end, and baited the Blue Jackets into attempting Penguins hockey in response.  The result of course, is predictable.  Poor team discipline lead to Pittsburgh taking over the offensive zone, and dominating the last half of the game, much like the CBJ did in the last game in Pittsburgh.  I thought it was an unusually poorly officiated game for a playoff game, however the refs had nothing to do with Pittsburgh putting 41 shots on the net. That was more related to the fact that they won the face offs and puck races and puck battles for the majority of the third period.

These Blue Jackets now know what Nationwide Arena can really be.  Great crowd tonight, great atmosphere.  These teams will be looking fairly evenly matched if the CBJ can respond on Wednesday with a win.  The Penguins were sure to respond after Saturday's loss.  We need to respond after tonight's loss.

This is fun.  This is awesome.  My day long meeting should be interesting with this voice tomorrow.  But strap it on, and bring it again Wednesday.  We get a day to heal.  I gotta run, I am on the road all day tomorrow.  Our boys played well enough to win, but fell down in the team discipline department.  That can be fixed.

Lather, rinse, repeat!



  1. Don't understand why the Jackets can't hold on to these leads. It seems like once they give up a goal they go into shock allowing the opponents to follow up with more until they regain their senses. Is this a coaching issue?

  2. I think it is more of a team discipline issue with a young team. The Pens show you all sorts of seams, and all of a sudden you are trying stretch passes for the break away instead of chipping it deep and going and playing behind their net. And, I thought the Pens took a page out of our book, and did that exact same thing to us from midway through the second period on. They controlled the boards and the offensive cycle behind our net, which is supposed to be our game. I give them full marks for that. Instead of trying to beat them at our game, we kept trying to catch their 'D' with stretch passes, otherwise known as Pens hockey.

    So, make some adjustments, and on to the next game.


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