Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It Comes Down to Bob

I've looked at a lot of posts by various people.  I've thought about it a bunch.  For the Blue Jackets to make any real headway in this series, they have to do two things.  First, play Blue Jackets hockey.  Herky-Jerky, start, stop, lot's of face offs, no flow hockey.  If we play a game of flow, we are playing Penguins hockey, and they are lots better at it than we are.

Second, Bob has to win the goal tending match-up by a pretty good margin.  He has to emerge from the series with a sub-2 Goals Against Average.  Fortunately, that's how he played down the stretch. But he probably has to play better than he did down the stretch to maintain that level in the playoffs.  And as long as it's not the first game, we can probably afford one of those games where the Pens really roll.  But if the bulk of the games are pretty tight, and it comes down to the goal tending, than we have a chance.  A slim chance, against a powerful opponent.  But they don't play them on paper.

So we go into this series with the best team we ever had.  Which makes for an interesting dynamic.  Have fun with this, ignore the Penguins fans, and cheer the Blue Jackets on.  These guys have earned that from us, and you never know, they may surprise us.

I don't know about you, but there is something really cool about having a pass for a Stanley Cup final sitting on your kitchen table.  Whether or not it is THE Stanley Cup final remains to be determined.  The hard way.


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