Friday, September 25, 2009

The Hitch Speaketh: Post-Pittsburgh edition

OK, I'll come out and say it.  It's really weird to see Our Leader so positive about the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Hitchcock has been working like mad (along with GM Scott Howson) to turn the CBJ into a respectable team, and he's been one grumpy sunuvagun along the way.  And he's had every right to be that way; the Jackets were probably the equivalent of a mediocre AHL team when he took over in November 2006.  I went to my first CBJ game in the middle of the Gary Agnew interim coaching period, and they were gawd-awful.

Now, as the Boys in Blue have turned the corner and are playoff-caliber, however, Our Leader's disposition has brightened considerably.  Hitch has turned into your happy uncle, the one who always has a story or two to keep the kids entertained around the dinner table.  I'm guessing that's because he, too, is very entertained by what he's seeing on the ice in the preseason.

The Jackets mauled a largely Crosby-less Pittsburgh Penguins squad that had many more starters than AHLers, 5-2, last night.  Nash and Brassard are clicking big time.  Steve Mason is in form.  The AHLers are scrapping for those last roster spots.  Derek Dorsett is keeping 'em honest through truculence.  Speaking of gloves dropping, even wunder-rookie defenseman John Moore gave the what-for to Tyler Kennedy!  All in all, a very pleasant evening.

Hitch was pleased, too.  He's loving the kids that are starting to grow up in the NHL, especially Voracek and Brassard.  See for yourself...

If he keeps this up...if the Jackets keep this's gonna be one fun season.

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