Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Moore, please!

The Dispatch's Michael Arace ably summarizes the John Moore quandry: Do you put an 18-year-old defenseman, albeit one who is talented and improving every day, out on the NHL firing line...throwing him to the wolves?  Or do you bite your lip and let him mature more naturally in junior hockey?

Moore's 4 points and +1 over 4 preseason games is persuasive, but this is a franchise that is gun-shy with young talent these days.  The Jackets' first-ever draft pick, defenseman Rusty Klesla, was forced into duty right out of the draft at age 19 and only now is starting to reach the potential everyone hoped he had (see: Holmstrom, Tomas - 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs).

Besides, a year of juniors will give Moore time to develop...and the Jackets will have a top six d-man in 2010 - one who could stick around for a LONG time.

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