Wednesday, September 30, 2009

@NikitaFilatov: #NHL #cbj #fake #punkkids

The person (kid?) who pretended to be Nikita Filatov on Twitter for the last week or so finally "came clean" and admitted that it was NOT Filatov who was Twittering.  All hail to Eric Smith at HockeyBuzz for sniffing it out.

The whole Filatov Twitterring thing was somewhat cute/fun, even bringing Mike Commodore (who IS Twittering) into the web of deception.  What crossed the line, however, was this post - which was just as false as every other one:
"Interesting, Sergei Nemchinov (coach of CSKA Moscow) called and offered me largest contract offer I have seen so far. Maybe KHL not so bad."
Considering that Filatov's August interview with Russian sports media and the KHL discussion therein caused some unnecessary consternation in Columbus (at least amongst the fan base if not the front office and locker room), this posting was real bad form...especially from a supposed fan of the Blue Jackets.

The Dispatch's Tom Reed posted on the matter on Puck-Rackers, and the perpetrator offered an apology there.  The masses were unsympathetic; good for them.

Here's my repsonse to that person, copied over from the Puck-Rackers comments:
@Coming Clean - It's one thing to mess around and impersonate a person (the Adam Foote impersonator is hysterical).
Now that we know that you're a CBJ fan, however, why you would post the KHL contract offer reference boggles the mind. All that accomplished is raising suspicion and reducing trust in the organization...even for a couple of days.
Sit back and ask yourself: Would a REAL fan do that?
At least you came clean. Let's hope that no damage was done to people, their motives or their reputations.
Ah well.  Case closed.  Let the regular season begin (PLEASE!).

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