Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carter to LA for Jack Johnson.

Antoine Vermette and Derek Dorsett
A trade popped while I was working on this.  Read down.

Update:  It has been announced that Jeff Carter has been traded to the LA Kings for Jack Johnson and a 1st round pick.

I've got to confess that I am not enjoying the spectacle of the Columbus Blue Jackets getting blown up.  Normally the trade deadline is exciting, but after the excitement of the off season to be at this cross roads is very disheartening.  On the other hand, clarity is often gained at a cost, and the price this team has paid in 2011-12 has been high.  A core of players has been assembled.  It is clear that this core of players will be unable to find success as a group, in spite of their individual talents.  So what then?

Antoine Vermette has been moved, in the first move of what may be many.  Many fans are upset that Vermette did not bring back more in exchange for his services.  If you are in that camp, I highly suggest this excellent post by our partner in crime Greg over on Full Mental Jackets.  I got a great deal of clarity from that post, and feel better about the price we got for Vermette.  And Greg's post also made me reflect on Nash.

Rick Nash is an asset.  Pure and simple.  If you want to change the core of your team, you need assets to do so, and Rick is a big asset.  So is Jeff Carter.  Word on the street this moment is that Carter may go for Jack Johnson and a number one pick.  And the character of the CBJ changes.  Whoops.  It just popped.  Dave Maetzold just tweeted its a done deal.  Does this set the price for Nash?  No details yet.  But since I'm here, working on this, I'm gonna push the publish button.  Sure hope its right!  (don't you love the information age)

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