Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Theater of the absurd

All of a sudden, the 300-ish people who turned out at the All-Star
Weekend fan protest seem remarkably reasonable, eh?
OK, I get it.  The Columbus Blue Jackets are a mess.  From this fan's point of view, it's descended into the theater of the absurd.  This soap opera has brought embarrassment to the organization, the team, its fans and the community that just bailed the noble but failed private sector-only professional sports experiment out until 2039.

I can't see the current cast of characters - a hockey operations department with precious little to show for nearly five years worth of effort and a mutinous captain of a roster with a core that cannot bring themselves to compete with any consistency - working anything out that won't tear this team apart.  In the process, they will likely damage the precious bond that a sports team has with its community - perhaps permanently.  That cannot be allowed to happen any more than it already has.

John P. McConnell, do something.

Getting rid of Scott Howson and Rick Nash as soon as humanly possible would be a fine start.

A pox on both their houses.


  1. It seems that the timing of JPM's vote of confidence with Priest and Howson corresponded with Nash's trade request. Is it possible that Nash wants out only because management is staying?

    It seems that he's quit on two coaches over the past two years when he's realized that things weren't going the direction he wanted. First was with Hitchcock when the players stopped playing well for him. Second was Arniel in the later half of 2010-2011. Perhaps Nash has lost faith in the program here and wants major change or out. Since major change isn't coming in management, he's decided to hit the road. Who could blame him?

    I blame management.

  2. I agree 100%. They have both made this team what it is today, an embarrassment. To think that for all the crap we have had to endure with this team in this town and we still have an attendance figure of 80% of capacity show that this city is a hockey market. All we need is a GM to put the right talent out there, and a real captain to help pull it together. Let the spoiled kids go somewhere else.


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