Friday, February 17, 2012

OhioHealth wants me to give you free tickets for "Physicians Night"

First, the plug:
The February 18 game is an OhioHealth night to celebrate OhioHealth Physicians. Our main messaging to fans is, “Who says checking has to stay on the ice? Get your check-up off the ice by teaming with OhioHealth. You’ll have access to MORE hospitals, MORE care sites, MORE healthcare experts and MORE physicians!” Fans can search for an OhioHealth physician at During the game, fans will learn about OhioHealth physician stats.
Now the deal.  For helping spread the word about Physicians Night (and really, can you not like your doctor?), OhioHealth has given me the privilege of helping distribute two groups of four tickets to tomorrow's Columbus Blue Jackets game.  (CBJ v. Chicago Blackhawks, puck drops at 1PM)  No strings attached - I get your names and pass them along to OhioHealth, who will make the tickets available at the Nationwide Arena ticket office will-call window.

So put your creativity caps on, kids.

To be eligible to win a block of four tickets, do the following:

1. Write a Columbus Blue Jackets-related haiku and post it as a comment to this blog post.

Haiku, as I'm sure you know, are three-line poetry known for their syllable count:

  • The first line has five syllables.  
  • The second line has seven syllables.  
  • The third line has five syllables.  
That's it.  No rhyming requirements, nothing else.

You can be funny, serious, snarky, whatever.  You can write about your favorite player, the state of the team, that crap-bag game back in November...again, anything you want.  Just make sure the theme of the haiku is the Columbus Blue Jackets.

You should feel free to post the haiku anonymously because...

2. After you post the haiku, EMAIL me the same haiku at darkbluejacket [at] sbcglobal [dot] net and include your name in the subject line.  That way, I will be able to easily identify winners.

I have to get the two winner names to OhioHealth by 4PM today (February 17, 2012).  Thus, the contest will be open until 3:30PM.

Winners will be judged on a purely subjective basis by yours truly, who may or may not consult others in determining which CBJ haikus stand above all others.  Winners will be acknowledged by reply emails, and their haikus will be featured in a blog post that will come after the deadline.

As I finish typing, it's 9:10AM.  That means you have 6 hours to compose three lines...a measly seventeen syllables.  Surely you can do it.

GO!  And good luck!


  1. A decade of loss
    perhaps a cursed arena
    exorcise boomer

  2. Howson still in charge
    Fans fear his trade deadline deals
    Time for a "pep rally"

    1. Fail: last line should be "Need a 'pep rally'
      Darn sixth syllable. :)

  3. In the midst of fan protest, this flag will not lay to rest.
    I'll fight, I'll march until victory is ours
    The Union Blue will rise, after all of our scars

    March on until the break of dawn
    We stand, we fight until the break of light
    Don't shoot until we see the white of their eyes
    Inside Nationwide, we defend our guys

    So prepare for battle, this will not blow over
    Prepare yourself to get bolled over
    Stand and fight, fight and march
    Fire the cannon into our hearts

    1. Nice, but not exactly a haiku.

  4. Deadline day is near,
    Union Blues are failure stained.
    Laundry day, Jackets...

  5. stop it here davidge
    lori's got the stats for you
    go to hell arniel

    blue jackets season
    starts and ends in october
    arniel golfs early

  6. a short poem
    for an even shorter year
    fail for nail

  7. Jackets are our team
    Union Blue in all our veins
    Please don't trade Rick Nash

  8. Message boards active
    With proposals for Nasher
    Armchair GM's blow.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. nash on the trade block

    a lost season, some might say

    play hockey for pride


    To fans of Blackhawks:
    Nine straight losses don't compare,
    To eleven years.

    1. I deleted the original one for you.

  12. Jackets win the Cup
    Nash with five goals, three assists
    Thank you, EA Sports.

    *Note: I already have tickets and don't want to win, but I did want to participate. GO JACKETS!!

  13. We Fight, We March On
    Until a new sun will rise
    Fire the cannon loud

    Stand and fight, stand proud
    There is no need for a bag

  14. Smiles,Tears ,suits, hope
    Columbus black tie event
    Good times had by all.

  15. Cannon blast, goal song
    Always carry the flag for union blue
    He shoots, he scores, Goal

  16. I cheer from above
    I love this great sport so much
    Blue Jackets for life

  17. We rain down our cheers
    To our boys in union blue
    He shoots, he scores... BOOM

  18. Men of Union Blue
    McConnell's gift to the city
    Fire the cannon loud

  19. We love the Jackets
    Only team for this city
    The red wings still suck

  20. The ladies will swoon
    Four Boomer-themed codpieces
    Donned at nationwide.

  21. I know the jackets

    Have sucked for almost 11 years

    But i'm still a fan

  22. CBJ Ticket Dilemma

    Most nights we have six
    Gave away all Saturday’s
    Wife and I should talk

  23. Crossword puzzle asked
    Fourteen letters for "futile"

    Image discipline
    Salvaging your dignity
    I sure miss Boomer

    Ken Hitchcock leaves us
    finds himself a cuter date
    Still looks like Kaptain

    Nash available
    Dark times in the Union Blue
    Captain Umberger

  24. Win or lose any night
    behind our team we shall roar

  25. Dear zebras on ice
    call toronto if u must
    fair calls would be nice

  26. Our pain was so great
    At the hands of the Flyers
    Buffalo feels it

    I also have tickets already, just wanted to play. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Summer vacation
    Mason stressed at Myrtle Beach
    Can't stop a beach ball

  28. Mase, Calder no more
    Carter pouts. Nash packs his bags?
    Sigh, thank you, Jim Day.

  29. Want to see the game.
    Dont have the money to spare.
    Want to win tickets!

  30. Not an easy job
    fair weather fans need not apply
    back our team any night

  31. Fire the cannon at
    Howson, Priest, and their minions.
    Keep Nash a Jacket.

  32. Wear the Union Blue
    We cheer, laugh, sometimes we cry
    But always support

  33. Jackets 'til I die!
    This season is tough to take.
    Can't wait 'til next year!

  34. Boomers in da house
    They are laughing at us now
    the future looks dim

  35. Thanks Ohiohealth!
    For the chance to win tickets,
    To see the Jackets!

  36. Team is what it is
    but there can be no complaints
    about the ice girls

    Nash to the Maple Leafs
    Not enough waffles on earth
    Send them Scott Howson

  37. Set off the goal light
    And Dorse wins another fight
    Highlight of the night

  38. Two hours to CBus
    Never heard the Cannon live
    Maybe tomorrow?

  39. Drinks at the R bar
    cheer jackets on to a win
    perfect day indeed

  40. 5-7-5, you say?
    Toronto does not agree
    On this LA haiku

  41. Captains Odelein,
    Whitney, Richardson, Foote, Nash
    Prospal? Umberger?

  42. Nash to Toronto?
    Only way the Globe and Mail
    Mentions the Jackets

  43. That whole "stand, fight" thing?
    Not so much. Always next year.
    Clutterbuck's a douche.

  44. Oh what could have been
    Wiz after the whistle blows
    Big ol' Shanaban

  45. Franchise of Failure
    Institution of Heartache
    See ya Saturday.

  46. Thanks, everyone, the contest is closed.


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