Monday, February 13, 2012

DBJs 5 Thoughts on Game 56. Anaheim.

Sky Terrace View
The Columbus Blue Jackets lost in a confounding display of hockey 5-3 to the Anaheim Ducks after returning from last night's victory.

The game was also the same night as the official #CBJTweetUp which was not only a lot of fun, but also a welcome reprieve compared to having to focus purely on the activities happening on the ice. It was great to spend time with so many good people and fellow fans.

So here we go, friends.

1. It was all just a dream. Remember how nice it was to see Mason play so well last night? Confident. Slightly creative. Important saves? And then remember how we wondered if those new pads just might help bring back the tiniest bit of "young Mase"? Well forget all that. Tonight was just an abysmal performance. Defensive breakdowns to be sure, and yes, Corey Perry & company had some sick shots, but geesh. That fourth goal off the face-off was absolutely brutal. Soul crushing to pretty much everyone in the arena not wearing a Ducks logo. Its hard to watch this happening...but sadly it is what it is. Like the season, sadly the game was over long before the clock said so.

2. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. After a win where the puck bounced our way less than 24 hours ago, the team seemed to be made up of guys who didn't know their stick from their helmet. Errant passes (I'm looking at you, Clitsome) shots all over the place (#DD had 30% of our Shots on Goal...I'm a Dorse girl forever but, really?), yet another hat trick for a visiting team, and I'm standing and cheering a goal by Aaron Johnson? This was poor hockey across the board tonight, friends. Halfway through the second period, Dorsett returned to the bench after a questionable hit and smacked his stick on the boards. Hard. I think the 14,000-ish fans that were in attendance felt the same way.

3. What has become the obligatory Brassard Praising. Per point 2 above, noone really brought a stellar game to the ice, but one notable performance came in an extended fight initiatied - and WON - by Derick Brassard. Those of us up in the Sky Terrace had a perfect view of the action and immediately you heard "That's BRASS?" While not a fan of fighting for fighting's sake, I appreciated seeing continued passion and a well rounded game from #16. While I missed the tv commentary, my twitter feed tells me I missed some "firey" commentary from Bill Davidge post-fight. Per the stellar Rob Kunz, Davidge basically said that until the team has the commitment to stand and defend each other, this team will not be a "winner", particularly in the playoffs until this team starts, well, acting like a team. That is a topic for another day, but, based on what I've read on these comments, I agree, and I commend Brass for his defense of his team and his commitment to the game. I'm definitely hoping Brassard is still on this roster come the 2012-2013 season.
Pay no attention to score

4. Dancing Kevin. In a game such as this, relief is welcome. And the fans were thrilled to have another great visit from Dancing Kevin. Kevin's dances are always fantastic - and there's not many games that are more fun than guessing the messages Ken will paint on his belly and his back. Tonight was no exception - "For Whom the Belly Tolls" on the front...and "Get Back Soon Methot 3" on the back - which drew a hearty, extended round of applause from the home crowd. We even had Kevin and...a cameraman...on the "Kiss Cam". Levity - we needed you tonight, and Kevin, you delivered. THANK YOU.

5. #CBJTweetUp. Let's end this whole thing on a good note, eh? Tonight 100+ CBJ Tweeple showed up at the Sky Terrace to hang out, and, surprisingly talk to each other without our twitter feeds! It was a great event - where Hockey and Heels had been an appropriately structured event, the tweet up was free form and really gave folks the opportunity to hang out, mingle and enjoy some food and drink. It was also nice to see a lot of the local media come out and visit with us. We had visits from  Steph Greegor (of Fox Sports Ohio), Lori Schmidt (of 97.1 TheFan), Rob Mixer, Natalie Taylor (also of Fox Sports Ohio), Jeff Rimer, Leo Welsh, Aaron Portzline (of the Dispatch) a ton of great members from the Blue Jackets organization.and some of the very best members of the Pepsi Power Patrol and the Ice Girls.

Lori Schmidt and some of her fans
The Sky Terrace is a pretty sweet location to watch a game and truly gave me a different vantage point from which to watch the game. I will arguably say there isn't a bad seat in that entire arena.

Wiz. Class Act.
Post game, we headed down to main ice and everyone (except me - by choice, my friends!) got the opportunity to take a slap shot. Finally, we got the chance to meet with the Wiz post game. I am always appreciative of the time the players take to meet with fans. I know many will say "but its part of the job" and, fine, it is. But after a game like that, it was a true lift to spend time with a guy who definitely plays an important role within the organization. Wiz likes being in the public eyes, he's good at it, and he's got heart. For fans who tweet their hearts out about our team - given this season - it was great to see that energy still exists in the locker room. We want to be proud of our team, we want our players to be too. Sounds like Wiz is one of those players - he's showing his commitment to the team and the city on and off the ice.

The Jackets get a rest until the Blues come to Nationwide on Tuesday. Let's hope that we show up for that game. It is Valentine's Day after all...let's make sure only the Blues' fans have broken hearts.

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