Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Price is Right - Accountability

This is no time to wonder what's behind
door number 2
The latest word on the twitter-verse is that the New York Rangers are backing away from the demands of Scott Howson, the general manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  The thinking there is that the price of two roster players, their best prospect, and a number one pick it too rich for Rick Nash.  Howson is absolutely correct in standing his ground.  It would be a travesty if Howson was the first to blink, and if he does, he should be promptly fired.  He does not have to trade Rick Nash.  In fact, he faces considerable fan backlash if he does trade Rick Nash, so he'd better have a pretty hefty handful of magic beans to show an angry fan base.  You don't get a player of this magnitude available at the trade deadline.  And what are they buying?  A bona fide shot at a Stanley Cup.  A player who can take over a game, possibly a series.  You SHOULD be paying a lot for a player like that.  Good luck with those Bruins in the playoffs Mr. Slather.

My second point in this brief post is about accountability.  The CBJ do not have to trade Rick Nash at all.  The message has been clearly sent to the locker room.  The results of the 2011-12 season are not acceptable.  It doesn't matter who you are, you are not immune from the fall out.  That, more than anything, is the most important message of all.



  1. Thank you for that second thought!!! A voice of reason is finally heard. There is no sense in trading your # 1 asset if you cannot get PROPER VALUE for him. This locker room has NEVER been shook up as it was when that news broke. Now, Get it together, be professional, and start EARNING YOUR PAYCHECKS, Beginning with the Captain.

    1. Not sure the message has entirely set in. A malcontent (Carter) was moved. MAYBE you could make an argument that Vermette - who had been with the CBJ for a few seasons - sent a message to the room. But threatening to move someone without following through loses its potency over time in the room. There's time, though, and moving a few more overpaid underachievers (perhaps from this group?) would help make the changes that I think you're both angling toward.

  2. Here's the thing; do most NHL teams REALLY covet Nash? Really covet him. While his numbers may be good/great, the final analysis is what did he do for CBJ? Before you start with the whole "face of the organization" stuff think about it. What is the face and reputation of the franchise? Losers before and during his tenure. So, what was he not able to do, raise the level of young prospects around him when we did have them; mentor young players as a captain should; stick up for mates on the ice; show hustle and moxy when nobody else did; BE the culture of the organization, oh wait! maybe he was is the culture of this organization, and for that Howson is asking teams in the hunt for the Cup to sell their sole to the devil for him.....really? Maybe us here in little ol' Columbus think more highly than other hockey markets. I know this is all blasphemy; what you read in the press may be all about trying to sell somebody on a guy that should never have been the a guy you build a franchise around. A good complementary role player, somebody who would push another team deeper into the playoffs, yes. Build a franchise around? How'd that work for you CBJ?


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