Monday, May 21, 2012

DBJ Plus: Our story thus far

It's been a couple of weeks since we launched Dark Blue Jacket Plus at, and I figured that enough time has passed and enough material has accumulated to offer up a little recap.

Just so the readers know, the DBJ Plus posts are not recycled material from this blog.  This is all-new content that is intended to complement the work that my friends and I are doing here at DBJ.  That's not to say that someday I won't cross-post something particularly compelling or interesting...but I haven't done so yet, and it won't happen often (if ever).

Long story short: Click the links in the blue faux-ice block at the top if you want to see the rest of what I'm up to.

That being said, let's look at what's gone down over at the online home of the television broadcast partner of the Columbus Blue Jackets...
  • The puck has landed - The classic first post, with a little background on yours truly and what the blog hopes to be.  
  • The offseason agenda - The CBJ-centric complement to the prior post, offering five key areas that DBJ Plus (and DBJ, I suppose) hope to address over the days ahead.  Lots of stuff to talk about in Blue Jackets Nation, meaty stuff that makes for great conversation.
  • Todd Richards to stay on as CBJ head coach - Hopefully taking the rote "They took the interim tag off" post and adding a little texture to the story.  As with most everything when you're talking about a 30th place team, nothing is just black and white.
  • Game of Thrones: The NHL labor talks are on - If you haven't figured from reading this blog, I find the business of sports often as interesting as the action on the field of play.  So when the NHL decided to terminate the league's collective bargaining agreement with the NHLPA, I belched out a link-filled overview of the issues at hand.  
  • Your 2012-13 Blue Jackets: Where will the goals come from? - Finally giving time and attention to a matter that concerns me deeply.  The team keeps jettisoning scorers.  I was fascinated to learn that while the task of simultaneously replacing (soon-to-be gone?) scorers like Rick Nash and building up the team's scoring punch simply to approach the league's median will be challenging, it's not impossible.  Yup, genuine hope.
That's the collection so far.  Hope you've enjoyed!

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