Monday, May 7, 2012

The Knights of Ni(emi)!!

See if Roger the Shrubber will give you
a goal tender!
Bring us a .... shrubbery!!!

Something nice, not too fancy.  With a little fence and a nice path down the middle.

So demand the Knights Who Say Ni!

However, in CBJ land, we are no longer the Knights who say Ni, we are the Knights who say 'Get us some %$#%^^*$# Goal Tending!!!'

(Stick tap to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  If you haven't seen this movie you are morally depraved and a social leper.  Do it now!  Of course if you have seen it you are probably morally depraved too, but that's a different issue!)

But can it stop the puck, oh Knights Who Say Ni?
So my buddy Paul sends me a text out of the blue that says, would you trade Nash for Niemi and Couture?

After consulting Jeff Little's post on Goalies over on Ten Minute Misconduct, I'd say I'd have to think real seriously about the offer if it was on the table.  We'd be sending our 'star power' out of town, but we'd be upgrading our goal tending.

What do you think??  Let us know!



  1. never trade scoring for a goalie, never!

  2. I'd do it in a heartbeat, but not because of Niemi - though I agree he's an upgrade - I'd do it because of Couture.

  3. I can't type yes fast enough. Would do a more realistic Pavelski, Niemi, first rounder, maybe a prospect for Nash and Brass almost as quickly (Brassard is solid and has a lot of potential, but we're starting to be overstocked at center and his finish likely gained trade value). If Couture comes to Columbus, I'll happily eat a hockey puck!

  4. NO>you need more maybe draft choice or second established scorer. We are already thin at scoring without Juice and Nash.
    By-the-way, when are we going to have a seance or something to remove the curse of the prison hanging over Nationwide? Let's start a movement.

  5. I think it needs to be realized that Nash's time in Columbus is likely over. He's on the downhill side of the middle of his prime and this team has not found a identity in 11 seasons of hockey. I love me some CBJ, but I truly think the team needs retooled, and that begins with a solid goaltender.

  6. I'm with BZA, and would see Couture as centerpiece of that deal. Guessing Sharks would want to send more salary back (Havlat?) to even $$ out.

    Also, lets save Brassard for a deal to bring in some more scoring. [insert desired forward here]