Wednesday, May 30, 2012

True dat

This Tweet, from Kevin Allen at USA Today, struck a chord:

Yup.  And it's the same in every town, for pretty much every sport.  If you win, people want to be a part of the experience. If you don't win, eventually they find other stuff to entertain them.


  1. "eventually they find other stuff to entertain them."

    Which is what I told my ticket rep when he called to ask if I was renewing my season tickets.
    He reminded me about the ASG, and I asked him why I would be interested in paying outrageous prices to watch OTHER team's All-Stars play in my arena?

  2. DBJ: It's all about accountability - none, here - and expectations - crossing fingers in "hoping" for that 7th or 8th spot in the SC Western Conference playoffs vs. creating a plan to HOIST Lord Stanley's Cup - BIG difference!

  3. I had the best season ticket rep last year and part of this year. He left to be with friends and family in upstate New York. Must be rough this year on those guys. After this train wreck of a season I let the PSL (since 2000) go and never bothered talking to the new rep. You have to have some success to keep fans.

  4. Keep this in mind RE: expectations - right after Dale Tallon traded (what appeared to be) franchise player David Booth and Steven Reinprecht to the 'Nucks for Marco Sturm and Mikael Samuelsson, he uttered the following, "We are in a performance business and I wasn't happy with our team's performance".

    Want to know what their record was at the time? 5-4-1 which for this 'brain trust' would have prompted a great deal of chest-beating and a parade down High Street.

  5. Want to care about winning? Look who the Montreal Canadiens have hired over the past month compared to the CBJ-Mellanby, Bergevin, compared to .....Richards. I hate the Canadiens, but they are obviously adamant about being competitive in the future.


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