Monday, May 21, 2012

DBJ's plea to the CBJ ticket office

I'll be good this year, I promise.  Nothing like last year.

All I ask is that the Columbus Blue Jackets ticket office give their partial season ticket package holders at least 24 hours before the "select-a-seat" event to peruse the different combinations of quarter- or half-season packages.  It is inconvenient (impossible?) to consider a handful of scheduling options as you walk in the door for the "Select A Seat" event when you're more focused on trying to identify the seats in which you want to watch your Blue Jackets hockey.

Surely the NHL can give the Blue Jackets time to put packages together and promote them (web, email...I don't care) to package holders.  And really, is 24 hours advance preview too much to ask?

Otherwise, the team might as well just scrap the fixed partial season packages altogether and just flex plan everything...because, speaking from experience, I found the fixed packages being handed to me when walking in the door were so much wasted paper.

There, I'm done.  Nothing more on the matter until the seats are picked...that is, unless the team sends out info in advance.  (I'll be happy to thank them publicly for the courtesy.)

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