Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jack Johnson: Team USA Captain once again

I should have taken a practice
snapshot of Jack Johnson...sigh.
Just a quick one:  The Blue Jackets confirmed with the IIHF that the CBJ's own Jack Johnson will be the Team USA captain for this season's World Championships.  This apparently will be the second time he's been named captain - the other being 2010.

While the World Championships are looked at as the 'hockey NIT' by those who find the NHL's Stanley Cup playoffs to be a slightly more skilled brand of hockey, some things don't necessarily demand technical "skill" per se.  One of those is leadership, so I'll join those who have been impressed that Johnson was selected to lead the squad in this tournament.

Looking a touch closer to home, I note that the above CBJ Twitter post refers to Johnson as "Captain America."  While it's fun shorthand for those on the fan side of the fence, it's an interesting choice of words from his employer.  It's even more interesting when I keep hearing "under the radar" scuttlebutt that the Blue Jackets are seriously looking at making Johnson the next captain once Rick Nash gets shipped off to parts unknown.  Is it safe to say that we have a clubhouse leader for something other than the dreaded CBJ Green Jacket?

Congrats, Jack, for the honor - and good luck in the tournament!

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