Friday, June 4, 2010

How secure is Scott Howson in Columbus?

The [Toronto] Globe and Mail offered their take on The Hunt for Guy Boucher and offered this take on some of the back-channel issues that are being considered by Columbus Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson's Hamlet:
Our spies report that one of the factors that may weigh in Boucher’s decision is term of an eventual contract, and the long-term situation of Columbus general manager Scott Howson, whose contract expires next year and reportedly contains a clause that allows either he or the team to walk away this summer. 
If neither exercises the option, Howson will be extended through 2013. 
Boucher, being a smart guy, would probably prefer not to suddenly find himself working for a new GM.
This actually is a matter for not just Boucher but any potential coach or free agent who is looking at the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Who wants to sign up for a Howson-guided club only to see Howson bail out of town?  I was unaware of this clause and - presuming it's true, as I have no reason to think it's not - am now facing what I think might be my deepest, darkest fear for the future of the CBJ: That we could lose Howson just as things are finally hitting their stride.

I'm of the opinion that the Hitchcock hire was needed to turn around the on-ice behavior of the Boys in Union Blue.  But it took the hire of Howson to straighten out the roster, rebuild the talent pool (still under development) and reconcile the team's salary budget with its on-ice priorities.  Doug MacLean left a mess when he was shown the door, and Howson has pretty much cleaned that up and positioned the team to move forward.  Whoever hired Howson, Mr. Mac or Mike Priest...God bless 'em for doing so.  It was a great, great move to bring in the former Assistant General Manager from Edmonton.

Please, Scott, don't leave.  PLEASE.  You've brought the CBJ out of the wilderness, and now it's time to celebrate our forthcoming success.

[Hat tip to "Pepty" at HFBoards for posting the link!]


  1. The only reason Howson would leave imo, is burnout.

  2. I saw this too and wondered if the Dispatch could go after ownership to get Howson out after next season....


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