Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The revolution WILL be televised

Got an email from Fox Sports Ohio:
Tune in to FOX Sports Ohio or visit www.FOXSportsOhio.com today at 3pm for live coverage of the press conference announcing the Columbus Blue Jackets’ new head coach. Blue Jackets General Manager Scott Howson will introduce the fifth head coach in franchise history.
Good for FSO, and for those of us who watch live events online only because we can't see them on TV!

I'm genuinely excited to see this presser.  Less of the "circus exhibition" wonder and curiosity that would have been a Boucher event, more of a "let's hear what the coach has to say" excitement.  Arniel's a solid hockey guy, and Howson knows how to pick his talent.  Should be good.

[UPDATE: And, if you're stuck at work or don't have cable/satellite, the Columbus Blue Jackets will be streaming the presser with some bonuses per the email below:]


  1. Isn't this actually our 7th head coach.

    Dave King: 2000-2003

    Doug MacLean: 2003-2004

    Gerard Gallant: 2004-2006

    Gary Angew: 2006

    Ken Hitchcock: 2006-2010

    Claude Noel: 2010

  2. It depends on how you look at it. Both Agnew and Noel were "interim" coaches. I'd give Noel more of a nod than Gary (He, at least, got half a season. Gary got...what, 10 games?)


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