Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick thoughts on the Arniel introductory presser

The Scott Arniel press conference just concluded, and I'll embed (or at least link to) the video as soon as its available. I did watch the press conference, though, and here's what I took in while chasing the Dark Blue Toddler around...

1. He says all the right things.  There's a level of competitive polish in Arniel that screams "professional" at the viewer.

2. He doesn't care about the outcomes for the other candidates.  There are 30 head coaching jobs in the NHL, and he's got one of 'em.  I kinda like that in a competitive leader.  You need a little, "I'm going to win, period" in your top dog.

3. He said that he had Columbus circled as the place he wanted to be.  That's solid.  If he is to be believed - and why not? - then he may have been our backup choice, but we weren't his.

4. The local Columbus tv guys can actually ask a hockey question - let alone find Nationwide Arena?  Who knew?

We're off to a good start to the 2010-2011 season!


  1. I hope he does well but I almost feel to a degree that new head coaches are like high draft picks in any sport. You can see potential in them but it's hit or miss most of the time

  2. Good point - I tweeted that hope springs eternal with the introduction of a new coach. At the same time, Arniel sure sounds like the real deal.


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