Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scott Howson on XM Home Ice today

[UPDATE: Light The Lamp has the interview available in MP3 format.]

On a lark, I tuned in to listen to Columbus Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson talk with Don LaGreca and E.J. Hradek on the noon-hour "NHL Live" show.  I didn't record or transcribe the appearance, but my memory is still kinda fresh.  So I'll take a stab at sharing the knowledge.

By and large, his comments weren't extraordinary.  He's excited about Scott Arniel, pumped about the draft.  But does anyone really say anything of value in these radio interviews?

Actually, they do.

First, Howson did not appear to discount the possibility of trading down.  He said that the number one and two picks (Hall/Seguin) were pretty well etched in stone.  But then, there's about 9 slots that are up in the air.  That says to me, "Make an offer, and I'll listen."

More intriguing, especially on the heels of the Boucher drama, was Howson's explanation of what the hell happened over the last few days.  If I heard him right, Howson offered the job to Boucher, who asked for the weekend to think it over.  Howson said sure.  They talked once over the weekend, and Boucher had not made a decision.  Then, on Monday, Boucher said he was going to pursue other options.  To me, that says that Boucher did not inform Howson that the Jackets' offer was being played against other teams.

And that means the Jackets got played.  And Boucher is a tool.  Just sayin'.

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