Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drop everything and read this

Matt Wagner at The Cannon was present at today's (July 13) Columbus Blue Jackets' Q&A session with season ticket holders (and partial season ticket holders - except for the 6-game pack subscribers like me!) and took lots of notes.  He shares them with the world and offers a ton of interesting information and insight from Scott Arniel, Scott Howson and Mike Priest.

Here's the link, go check it out.  Kudos to Matt for his terrific post.

And then, buy some freakin' tickets.  Support your Columbus Blue Jackets!

UPDATE: Today (July 14), the Dispatch's Aaron Portzline corroborated Matt's information (here, here, here and here) but once again neglected to attribute despite posting the same information 9 hours after Wagner.

I presume that everyone is tired of my complaining about this trend of lifting content without giving proper credit, but Matt put a lot of effort into writing a great post and deserves props.  This is a simple matter of the application of basic journalistic skills - if you don't unearth the information, credit the guy who did.  The Dispatch is blowing a ton of goodwill with the blogging community by permitting this behavior; we could be terrific partners and instead are forced into a position of antagonism.  Sigh.

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  1. I know where you're coming from with the credit thing, but I wouldn't expect The Dispatch to credit every source or tipster it uses when publishing a story (unless they use direct quotes)... If they simply lifted the info verbatim and republished it w/o credit (like on Twitter or some other annoying e-bullhorn), then yeah... I see your point.

    More than likely, someone read the story, called SH or MP, corroborated the story and published. My guess is that's how most of their work gets done.

    ANYWAY. We went last night. I wanted to cringe at how bad some of the rants/questions went, but Howsen & Co get 4 stars for answering honestly and completely. None of their answers seemed like broken records or holding the same line. After that embarrassment last season, I expect bigger things from this club.

    The only things they didn't get into detail about was Strahlman & the arena lease (for obvious reasons).


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