Friday, July 9, 2010

Four great CBJ blog posts

I've been a little tied up with school, a rather detailed future blog post and working with Matt Wagner at The Cannon in getting CannonFest 2010 off the ground, so pardon my rapid-fire treatment of these four posts.  Perhaps, before the season, I'll spend more time addressing them. They all deserve to be read and discussed, regardless of my $.02, however:

  • Blue Jackets Assemble Diverse Coaching Mix for 2010/11 - Interesting thoughts, especially on new Columbus Blue Jackets head coach Scott Arniel and his "offense" coach, Bob Boughner.  It will be fascinating to see how the juxtaposition of Arniel's apparent love of toughness and Boughner's relentless attack will  play out.
  • Inside Hockey: Don't Expect Much in Columbus - Anyone who says the CBJ fan base is unanimous in their opinions of the goings-on at Nationwide Boulevard has their head in the sand. Ed Cmar offers a heaping pile of "shoulda-woulda-coulda" and challenges the current thinking in the Blue Jackets front office.
  • Light The Lamp: Stat of the Day - LTL offers a roughed-out cost-benefit analysis of the Blue Jackets roster that, well, provides Ed Cmar with all sorts of cover. Also, LTL gives us this to chew on: "As a friend pointed out the other day -- Columbus should not viewed as a young team any longer. Brassard will be entering his 4th year pro, Russell will be a 4 year pro and Voracek on his 3rd year. So while at first glance you may say - that is a lot of youth and inexperience on the 2nd line -- is it really?" Very interesting thought. Time for the roster to put up or shut up?
  • The Green Seat View: Does Nash deserve the C on his chest? - In this new blog, one of the great CBJ taboo questions is explored openly and honestly. I'm still making up my mind on it (and am so happy that Nasher has R.J. Umberger riding shotgun!).

Fascinating, thought-provoking posts.  Each could yield a book of thoughts.

Read, consider, discuss in the comments.

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