Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He's coming back...!

Hide the women and children, put away the sharp implements...the Columbus Blue Jackets have re-upped Jared Boll for two years at $700,000 this year and $745,000 next year.  That means arbitration has been avoided, as Boll surely knew that he was going to get skewered as a johnny one-note (and not a great one at that) in front of the arbitrator - not to mention risk getting his salary dropped to the league minimum.  It's also a statement that the CBJ's AHL farm system has not yet started bubbling over with forwards...might as well sign Boll while the well fills up.

That type of contract is not horribly out of line for a young veteran fourth-liner.  Both Lee Auer at The JacketsBlog and I have significant misgivings about Boll, but at least Howson (again) didn't let himself get fleeced.

More seriously, I think this signing gives Boll a two-year leash on life to figure out a consistent offensive component to his NHL game, as displayed in the video below, or risk finding himself out of hockey.  As much as I slam on Boller, I am actually quite impressed when he pulls some offense and goal scoring out of his hat.  That talent is in there, perhaps moreso than in Derek Dorsett (who's a better fighter anyway), so why not try to bring it out?

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  1. Y'know, I've a Boll fan for a long time and I like this deal. Good money to keep a player who would literally run through a wall for his club and by all accounts is a character guy (see: attending the new coach's press conference, visiting the troops).


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