Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Shining Moment

Strangest thing happened last night: I got an email telling me that The Dark Blue Jacket was one of the top 40 NHL blogs. I got an award button to put on the site and everything.

OK, how does one put this kindly: I'm not sure how much stock I place in the award.  First, it doesn't have the grand-daddy of NHL blogs, Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy.  Not having the preeminent blog in the field on the list seems somewhat odd.  (But, to their credit, the list of 40 blogs that they DO offer awards is pretty strong - even includes The Hockey Writers, another great source of Columbus Blue Jackets information and analysis.)  Second, the award itself is sponsored by - and the award button's code has some "free advertising" that I so delicately removed.  Lastly, the group offering the award, "Awarding The Web," seems kinda loose in structure.  But they suggest for the NHL blog award that there was a panel of five judges, and that some level of scrutiny took place.  Go figure.

Perhaps the nicest thing to come of this was the kind mentions on Twitter from many CBJ-fan friends and blogging colleagues about the blog.  Like most bloggers, I pretty much toil in obscurity.  (A rare post will grab the attention of the public, but that's not an everyday occurrence.)  So the possibly undeserved praise still is nice to receive.  Thanks, everyone!

Let's leave it with perhaps the greatest recreation of the greatest acceptance speech in award-giving history:

Carry The Flag!  (And buy some freakin' tickets!!)


  1. Congrats, DBJ! Any recognition is well earned! I am subscribed to a great many hockey and CBJ-specific blogs, but yours is one I rarely skip over.

  2. " A laurel and hearty handshake". Actually, this is a site I make certain to check at least every other day. Good information, common sense, and a bit of humor besides. Wish more would see the benefits of something more than "argue for the sake of arguing". Congratulations!!!

  3. Certainly something nice to put on the site. Especially if they aren't requiring anything back of you for it. Congrats though


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