Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Game 80: Phoenix

Phoenix 2 - Columbus 0
27-46-7, 5th in Central Division, 30th in NHL
The Columbus Blue Jackets took the day off yesterday to work on their base burns suntans at poolside and on the golf course, then listened to some motivational speaker, then went out and got blanked by the Phoenix Coyotes, 2-0 in regulation.

Some nights, it doesn't matter what you do.  The opposing goalie is in the zone and just won't let shots through.  Tonight was one of those nights.  Mike Smith was incredible.

I so want the Blue Jackets to poach Phoenix's goalie coach.

2 games left.

NEXT UP: Thursday night, 9PM in Denver against the Colorado Avalanche.  No pregame or postgame show apparently, but Fox Sports Ohio is picking up the game now that NBC Sports Network decided that showing the worst team in the league doesn't make sense in the last week of the season.

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  1. is there any kind of cap on the amount of money that you can pay a coach? If there is, write it on a contract with Sean Burke's name on it. If there is not, figure out what phoenix is paying him and double it. Give the man whatever he wants and then some. Heck, give him the head coaching job if that is what he wants.


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