Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wiz Suspended for Remainder of Post Season

Wiz, shown here with Cam, sits for the rest of the post season
Due to the rash of irresponsible head shots taken by members of many teams involved in the post season conflicting with the NHL's wish to have good hockey for TV, the Office of Subliminal Discipline at the NHL has determined that James Wisniewski will be suspended for the remainder of the post season.  Although not actually involved in the post season, the NHL's czar of discipline, Brandon Sandinmyhands said "We think this sends a powerful, yet subtle, message that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated.  In this case, since Wiz is a repeat offender, we feel that random punishment fits other's crimes".  Fortunately, Wiz will not have to forfeit any salary to the players emergency relief fund, because everyone plays for free in the post season.

Wiz could not be reached for comment, because, you know, we didn't try.



  1. It's only fair, Gallos. You can't expect the Czar of Enforcement to punish Nashville by suspending The Masked Avenger..oh, I mean Shane Weber, I got confused with the WWF, since his assault on Datsyuk looked more like something out of a Smackdown event!

    Shanahan is totally without honor, he's just as bad as Campbell.

  2. Shamahan is a disgrace to the NHL!

  3. Why should Shea Weber be punished when the Wiz is right here in Columbus?


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