Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Isn't Rocket Science

Boomer sez its easy!
The head shot/ suspension stuff is just getting worse and worse.

GOAL: To have players responsible for player safety

SOLUTION: If you injure another player with an illegal head shot, you are suspended until that player is healthy enough to return to the line up.

It won't take but one or two 6 month suspensions for the players to figure this out.

ARGUMENT:  It will take hitting out of the game.

ANSWER: Derek Dorsett lead the NHL in penalty minutes, and was never suspended for an illegal head shot.  It can be done.

The current situation is ridiculous.


  1. Playing devils advocate here: logistically, though couldn't you have a player then extend his time from the game in order to keep another player out of a game (especially in playoffs)? What about situations like Crosby... which hit actually injured him, what if it was a hockey play that injures someone, what do you do if a guy plays another game then has symptoms, what do you do if he comes back then they say wait he's not better? I know it all hypothetical but does a player have to spend the rest of his career on Crosby watch? Missing a year is all fine and dandy for Crosby, but is that really fair to the guy who hit him? especially if it was a more borderline play. just some things to think about and consider with this plan of action.

    Don't get me wrong, the lack of consistency in player discipline has been appalling but I just don't know what the best solution is. Each potential plan comes with its own drawbacks and discrepancies. I simply hope that someone with the power to do something is able to come up with a plan and implement. Maybe this is a place where the PA can really play their cards right and do some good with the new CBA.

    1. Megan - I think you raise really good points. Naturally since I've offered a simplistic solution, but the complex one has plenty of issues as well. Nice comments, thanks for offering them!

  2. I think result has to be removed from the equation. Why should someone who deliberately target an opponent's head get a lesser penalty just because he failed to disable the player? That Weber's WWE move didn't end Datsuyk's season doesn't change the fact that he tried to. An act worthy of a penalty should be punished the same, no matter the outcome. Apply the rules properly, provide fair supplementary discipline, and make it clear that clean, tough, hard play is OK, but dirty play won't be tolerated. Bettman and Shanahan are responsible for the play we're seeing now and they have the responsibility to correct it. Anyone seen or heard the Commissioner on this? Neither have I.


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