Friday, April 13, 2012

Shea Weber's Petticoats II - 12 games Shanahan!

The link above is one of the DBJ's most hit upon posts, where the Nashville fans reacted strongly to my reaction to Shea Weber's childish behavior.

Point 1 -My prediction regarding the playoffs in this post is WAY UNTRUE!  Nashville did make the playoffs that year.  So, me and Brian Burke don't see eye to eye, and I think he has the upper hand!  That's truculence!

Point 2. The exact same words were used to hand James Wisniewski a 12 game (4 preseason, 8 regular season) game suspension.  Either apologize to Wiz, or sit Weber.  Shanahan, you are crap unless you do one or the other!  Read the post.  Second time around for Weber.

Note to the rest of the NHL. Do not ruffle Shea Weber's petticoats.  He'll take you out after the final whistle.  And the NHL will regard it as 'boys will be boys'.

The Redwings deserve nothing less.  Go Preds!!


  1. It is impossible to look at that assault by Weber and find any possible justification for Shanahan's "punishment." All semblance of integrity has disappeared, even Campbell might not have been that gutless.

  2. You said it, Gallos. How Weber keeps getting a pass is beyond me.

  3. That was as dirty a play as I'd seen, and if Shanahan has any claim of fairness Weber is gone for the playoffs. Taking a guy's head in your arms and ramming it into the glass is indefensible.

    I tink Shanahan used Wiz to send a message to the league, but he message meant nothing because he never backed it up anywhere else. So it is impossible to draw any conclusion other then he figured Columbus didn't matter so he'd send the message there. There is a double standard in the NHL, and anyone who says otherwise is a fool or a liar.

    David Wyatt


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