Sunday, December 16, 2012

All hail the NHL's preemptive lawsuit!

You may or may not have seen that the NHL, facing the possibility of a self-immolating CBA negotiating partner in the NHLPA, has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in New York demanding that the NHLPA NOT decertify or "disclaim interest".  That's right: After months (years?) of smacking the NHLPA around like a dead mackerel, the NHL is asking a judge to demand that the NHLPA stick around for further flogging.

Oh yeah, such a declaration would prevent players from suing the NHL for anti-trust violations...and triple monetary damage awards from any verdicts.

As a sweetener for the NHLPA to not go forward with their demolition plan, the NHL suggests to the court that the union stick around as the watermelon to their Gallagher, or...this:
The Lawsuit contains  a request made by the NHL that says if the judgment rules that a disclaimer of interest or decertification by the NHLPA is ultimately found to be valid, then all standard player contracts signed under the previous CBA would be void and unenforceable. 
“In the absence of a valid CBA or collective bargaining relationship, the provisions of the NHL [standard player contract]s will no longer have any force of effect,” the lawsuit reads. 
So, basically, everybody becomes a free agent in that scenario.  Would be wild, no? Plus, would mean that Players have no basis to claim damages, since they wouldn't be under Contract.
Every player contract voided?  Everyone's a free agent?  Really?

Now we're talking!

While I'd like to admit that I haz a sad for potentially devastated teams with top-shelf star talent like Pittsburgh (Malkin & Crosby) and Tampa (Stamkos), I can't.  No, not when the Columbus Blue
Jackets currently are saddled with a roster that piled up all of 65 standings points last season.

Just imagine the possibilities.  With the stroke of a judge's pen, the Blue Jackets could nuke this roster and, with John Davidson running the hockey ops show, make a run at every single star in the NHL.  Every single outstanding role player.  Every single young buck.  Every single NHL-quality goaltender.  Columbus has always had the top-tier physical infrastructure, now they've got a guy who has credibility with the league to bring the talent in by the wheelbarrow-full.  I drool at the type of roster that the Blue Jackets could ice when the league returns in 2016.

It's like manna from heaven, straight from the NHL and delivered on a platter to the fine people of Columbus.

So bring it on!  NHL anarchy can only benefit the worst team in the league.  This could be better than the All-Star Weekend.

(But am I joking?)


  1. I trust you are kidding. With the luck of this franchise, well, I don't even want to think about it. The heirarchy has painted itself into an uncomfortable corner and the players are not letting them out. So it's C Y A time in at headquarters. The trouble for the owners is they LOCKED OUT the players. Talk about not negotiating in good faith, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT is NOT BARGAINING. My hope is that the courts, if it gets that far, see it the same way. At least its fun seeing the possibilities blooming in front of our eyes in Springfield. GO FALCONS... GO JACKETS, eventually

  2. It won't work that way, an the Jackets won't get that team because even if McConnell is willing to spend, someone with bigger bucks and more prestige will spend more. It's lose lose and just another chapter in this junior high school feud. The stupid here is palpable.


    1. No faith in John Davidson to rope in the top talent, eh?


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