Thursday, December 6, 2012

Carp Po Dium

Carpe Diem - Latin - Sieze the Day!

The NHL/NHLPA negotiations took a strange turn last night, when the breaking out of the NHL podium by hotel staff, where Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations were being held, caused a flurry of Twitter activity by reporters covering the NHL lockout.
Thus, this post is dedicated to that podium, which now has its own Twitter account (@NHLpodium), and is a symbol of the vacuous statements that both Union leadership and NHL leadership have treated us to.  Insane stuff, if you are a fan.

In an incredibly foolish moment, I bought into the rhetoric, and have spent the day in an agony over a season in balance.  The optimism!  The 'death spiral'!  Renewed optimism! Oh wait.  There are 20 tweets since I began typing this.  Back in a moment.Ugh.  Back to death spiral.  Fehr coming out with an announcement that the deal is done, and there is 'full agreement on money'.  Bettman comes in and takes it off the table.  Dang.  (Grandma, you owe me on this one for keeping it clean, because its been a long weird day and I am seriously annoyed at this fecal matter of a bovine species of the male persuasion but I promised to keep it clean so...).

Ok, perspective time.  This is a big time Good Cop, Bad Cop ploy by both sides.  Everyone should recognize that.  Bettman called it. 'Good, tough negotiating'.

Recognize this folks.  That's still what it is.  Fehr comes out and says 'We have agreement (except for few details)!  Bettman comes out and says "Fecal matter of a bovine species of the male persuasion!  The offer is off the table".  The bad cop is now in the room.

Prediction - Deal by mid-week next week.  This is process.  Twitter frenzy is all part of that!


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  1. Dang it, I hope you are right, and it's almost too weird for you not to be.


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