Monday, December 31, 2012


Boone Jenner in a common location, in front of the net
By all accounts, Columbus Blue Jackets prospect Boone Jenner turned in a whale of a game today in the 2013 World Juniors competition, when Canada defeated Russia 4-1.   Jenner, coming off of a 3 game suspension for lighting up a guy who was skating with his head down (a late hit, no doubt) played very well.  He was dominant in the face off circle, and according to the Twitter feed, at one point killed off ~20 seconds of a penalty simply because the Russians were unable to take the puck back from him.

Jenner's future in Columbus is looking very bright, as he has character stamped all over his playing resume.  Somewhat unexpectedly, he is leading the Ontario Hockey League with 27 goals playing for the Oshawa Generals.    If he can translate even a part of that goal scoring to the NHL level, it will be a huge addition to the team.  I'll bet John Davidson is thrilled to be watching Jenner's performance, as he looks like the type of brick Davidson is planning on building with.  I'll be looking forward to seeing him play in Columbus at some point in the future!


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  1. It's exciting to hear the Canadian staff and the press RAVING about Jenner. He's a skilled physical presence the like of which the Jackets really, really need. And our forecheck is going to be much better with him. It's going to be hard to send him down when (knock on wood, ice, etc) the lockout ends


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