Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Body's Capacity to Heal

My Brain Hurts!!!
The Quest for Organizational Stability is Easier if I Don't Have to Watch Them Play

Its been several days since our beloved Blue Jackets were shellacked by the Philadelphia Flyers.  The horror is starting to fade, and I am able to read Scott Arniel's name with out the gut reaction that he should be fired.  The history of this organization is replete with gut reaction firings, so it is definitely taking a new and different approach to this 2011-12 disaster by not firing someone.  This has the upside of contributing to organizational stability, which has been discussed here and on Ten Minute Misconduct.  (Side note: its worth  reading the latest salvo over there as well.)  But focusing on these thoughts is difficult when writhing in the pain of 13 goals for them, and 3 for us.

So I am finding that this gap between games has had a calming effect on me.  There is a morbid, strange part of me that wants to see if these guys can turn this around in any way, shape, or form.  I've watched dead seasons before, and at that point all you want to see is competent hockey, regardless of the outcome.  And, my thoughts are coalescing around my 'Fail for Nail' jersey.  Hmm, should I let tact creep into the design?  And, I have to confess its nice to be watching other teams get blown up on TV, instead of us.  So I am enjoying this respite, before I gird my loins and jump back into the fray with the 'hawks arrival on Thursday.  I'll be ready by then, I think, and we will see what our guys can do.  Maybe we'll even be able to get on the internet!


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