Thursday, November 10, 2011

DBJ's thoughts on Game 15: Chicago

Chicago 6 - Columbus 3
2-12-1, 5th in Central Division, 15th in Western Conference

Despite a four-day "training camp" that supposedly was to tighten up the defense and return the
squad to something closer to the scheme that delivered Steve Mason a Calder Trophy, 
Mase still allowed
a host of soft goals.  But he was not the sole source of blame tonight...there was plenty to go around.

If this team really does have NHL-caliber talent on its roster, it's certainly
 not being coached as such.  How much more do we have to take?

The humiliation continues. 
(Photo from @_CleophusJames)

NEXT UP: The Jackets are primed to be embarrassed once again at 7PM on Saturday night at Nationwide Arena by their former interim head coach, Claude Noel, and his Winnipeg Jets.


  1. Well, two days ago I wrote on this blog (back in the tree post)


    Anonymous said...

    Sorry, typo, I meant Clitsome.

    Seriously, I like that guy. He's gonna prop your D up in a serious way.


    And tonight he scores 2 goals. How's that for prescient? ;)

    Anyway, Chicago's a 21 point team. You don't take down an empire in one fell swoop. You pick away at it chunk by chunk. They scored 3 goals.

    Take those damned bags off your head and stay positive. lol

    One more thing, if you're really itching for a new coach, and you want someone who can truly make a difference, get Gretzky.

    Thank me later.


    Habs/Canucks Joe

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