Friday, November 11, 2011

Team in turmoil: A DBJ compendium

What started with so much hope and optimism at training camp has...turned into this: 2-12-1.
Like so many in the Columbus Blue Jackets Village (I'd suggest we call it CBJ Nation, but I'm not sure the fanbase is large enough), I'm beside myself over this team's 2-12-1 start to the season.  So many of us honestly believed that the pieces were finally in place, that this season was the beginning of something great.

That has proven not to be, and we've been going through this mess for a month-plus now.  Gallos and I have explored plenty of issues with this club over that period on this blog, and here's a handy selection of our thoughts, in no particular order:

You can't say we haven't been on top of this.

Over on Nationwide Boulevard, minor moves are being made to the roster.  The coaching staff is off at the grocery store buying more noodles to throw at the wall.  And loyal fans are forced to endure humiliating loss after humiliating loss after humiliating loss.

Truly reasonable fans can be excused for believing that nothing meaningful will change until the dysfunctional dynamic of the Columbus Blue Jackets is shaken to its core.  Simply put: It isn't working, and there is no compelling reason to think that it will anytime soon.

So we wait...and watch the games continue to slip away en route to an epically disastrous season.


  1. Hate losing. Enough said.


    ~ Joe


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