Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Practice report: The dawn of Movember

When the Dark Blue Toddler and I went down to practice today, we totally forgot about the Movember mustache-growing taking place on NHL rosters.  We made a quick recovery, however, and got to work hunting down mustaches.  In fact, DBT and I found a couple early adopters amongst the Blue Jackets...

The Dark Blue Toddler, ever vigilant, looking for mustaches!

Nope, Wiz doesn't have a mustache...but a quick
shave would leave him looking sharp!

OMG!  Captain Rick Nash sporting the early 'stache!
Imagine what that will look like come Thanksgiving...

A mustachioed Matt Calvert?  RIGHT...

Derek Dorsett is clearly chuckling over how Derick Brassard is
sandbagging the Movember competition.  5 minutes with a razor,
and Brass has this thing in the bag.

DING DING DING!! WINNER!!  Derek Mackenzie, the Columbus
Blue Jackets are not worthy to be associated with your fu manchu!

Satisfied that he found the mustaches, DBT then commenced drawing up
power play combinations while DBJ watched the rest of practice.

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