Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The DBJ Wayback Machine: Ryan Johansen

Every now and then during a long season, you need to separate the personal from the organizational.  I'll suggest that the retention of Ryan Johansen on the Columbus Blue Jackets roster is one of those times.

Early attempts at fashioning a Dark Blue Jacket
Wayback Machine proved fruitless.  Science has
improved, however, and we now can take you back!
CBJ general manager Scott Howson announced that Johansen would be retained on the NHL squad for a tenth game, meaning that the first year of his three year, entry level contract will be activated.

In shorthand, Ryan Johansen made it.  And that's pretty cool.

In celebration of this exciting moment, I'd like to fire up the (retooled) DBJ Wayback Machine and highlight one of my favorite blog posts out of the over 800 on this blog, the recap of the Dark Blue Toddler and my visit to last season's training camp...and our chance encounter with Ryan Johansen.  The little man, now two-and-a-half, still talks about Ryan Johansen to this day.

Click here to read and hopefully enjoy: Ryan Johansen + Dark Blue Toddler = BFF

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