Saturday, November 19, 2011

DBJ's 5 thoughts on Game 19: Nashville

Wiz cranks 'em up in practice.
Tonight the Columbus Blue Jackets defeated the Nashville Predators 4-3 in overtime, breaking a 17 game losing streak in Nashville dating back to April, 2006.  James Wisniewski drove a slap shot past Pekka Rinne of Nashville in overtime for the game winner.  This means Ryan Johansen no longer has all of the Game Winning Goals in the 2011-12 season.

1.  Taking another step - the last few games have seen a slow building of some cohesive play.  It was good to see them get rewarded for playing a pretty good game. The top line got on the board with a couple of goals, the second line got a goal, and the defense scored to win it.  Balanced scoring across the team.

2. Live Long and Prospal - Ok, I am totally ripping this off from a Jacket Backers sign that was tweeted going on the bus to Nashville.  But it doesn't seem like a coincidence to me that the line that Vinny Prospal is playing on is all of a sudden doing well.  It worked on the second line, now its working on the first line.  The top line scored (Carter) and Prospal also scored.  What a great addition to the team.

3. Jacket Backers Rock NashVegas - A big contingent of Blue Jackets fans made the trip to Nashville for the game, and were a noticeable presence in the arena.  Nothing like the help of the home crowd to get the boys over the hump in Nashville.  Everyone have a great time down there tonight, and come home safe!

4. The off season additions pay off - In this game, the scoring was all about the additions in the off season.  With the exception of the Umberger goal, Carter, Prospal, and Wisniewski all scored.  The Umberger goal was set up by Ryan Johansen totally being in Pekka Rinne's grill.

5. Don't Mess with the Johan - Ryan Johansen played another strong game.  The guy is a complete player, albeit very young.  He is maturing with every game, and may well be a real force before this season is over. He plays a strong two way game, and is a very tenacious forechecker.

All in all, it was a very gratifying win!



  1. Excited to see if they keep it up. CS is a decent backup, capable of coming in here and there to give his team the chance. But I know he's unlikely to dominate all year long, and Mase, i'm sorry to say it just isn't panning out. Howson has to find a goalie imo. Don't ask me how.

  2. Remember we have 2 other NHL goalies, just let it play out. RyJo and Moore are playing well. Still think we need to fine tweek between Springfield and Columbus, C Adkison had another goal and R Russel had 2, and Juice is coming

  3. Calvert has to be sent back down ... he gets no time up here and is a waste ... same goes for Aaron Johnson when Martinek comes back ...

  4. For my 2 cents worth; have Sanford play as long as he is effective, GET DEKANICH HEALTHY , and find a taker for S.Mason. The difference in play in front of the net has been OBVIOUS. The play IN net has been noticeable. I'm all for second(third, fourth) chances, but just think a change of scenery is the only thing that will revive Mase. So, goodbye, good luck, move on.

  5. Second & third chances do not mean second & third seasons.

    The answer is NOT in the room.


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